We are thrilled to launch our new virtual concert series 'Music à la carte' in 2020-21 Season.

As the nation adjusts to the new reality of life in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic,

we are taking the concert online to bring joy and inspiration as well as

opportunities for reflection during these uncertain times.


Although we can not gather together in a concert space,

we can still come together to enjoy our distinguished musicians as they perform live in the studios. This season is particularly important as musicians have really suffered from closures

due to COVID-19, and Kallos  is dedicated to serve as a platform to showcase the amazing talent. This season, we need music more than ever. Music helps us reflect and commiserate and open our hearts, reconnect with beauty, process the unthinkable, remind us to smile.

Our Online Series 'Music à la carte' will live-stream 3-4 weekly short performances via our Youtube channel on Mondays at 7:30PM for each series.

Experienced difficulty staying focused when listening to a concert online?

Our 'Music à la carte' was designed with that in mind so that you can fully engage

during our 15-20 minutes long concert. 

The music this season contains great imagination and depth of spirit. 

We will  bring a musical tidbit into your living room.

Our Pass to the stream is tiered on a scale for what you are willing and able to give. 

We will also donate 10% of your purchase to the charity fund based in New Haven such as New Haven Scholarship Fund, Inc. 

With a Pass, you’ll enjoy;

  • Three to four weekly concerts to experience the incredible chamber music in the safety of  your home

  • Exclusive access to the recording of the concert for a limited time afterward

  • Exclusive access to the interview of our artists

  • Plus, your Pass will help pay the wonderful artists and donate 10% to the charity based in New Haven.

Pass / Contribution Levels

$5 — I Just Need to Smile Right Now

$15 –  Friends of Kallos Musicians

$25 – Supporter of Kallos Musicians

$50 – Patron of Kallos Musicians

$100 – Benefactor of Kallos Musicians